Deliver Rapid, Effective Business Intelligence Systems

You need to develop a business intelligence system and the pace of today’s business means it needs to be working yesterday. But, you know that traditional Business Intelligence systems are especially difficult to deliver – they face a perfect storm, struggling against source system availability, wild variations in data quality, incompatible data formats, large data volumes, arcane business rules, and the need to integrate different technologies across the solution stack.

What is needed is a radically new perspective – we can help you think differently about how your Business Intelligence systems benefit your business. Business Intelligence is about providing value to the business problems through insight – start by posing the top few questions you’d like answered about your business.

The secret is to:

  • use your top 10 questions to prioritise development
  • seek to answer these questions in an agile way, it is often possible to provide some information quickly and to add more sophistication later
  • use a modified, modular architecture designed to allow incremental build and refactoring
  • separate data processing into two parts – sourcing data and making it available for analysis, and preparing reports and analytic solutions from that source data
  • use what you discover to go back and fix data quality problems at source

Agile development techniques can help, but they need to be specially adapted for use on a business intelligence project and they require the full cooperation of the business to ensure the solution continues to deliver benefit as it evolves.

Business Thinking’s approach can help you develop business intelligence solutions that provide rapid, effective results and that can evolve to make a significant contribution to your business success.

  • Agile Data Warehouse Development
  • Single Customer Views
  • Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Operational Reporting Solutions
  • Data Quality Management
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Event Processing, Real Time Response
  • Big Data, NoSQL
  • In-Memory Analytics
  • Financial Consolidation and Reporting
  • Data Integration and Data Sharing
  • Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

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